Something Brave

Victoria Blisse

Customer & Industry Reviews of Something Brave

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  Review by Karen Shenton

A blindingly brilliant book filled to the brim with BDSM delights. Felicity is a quiet young lady who is struggling through life, making ends meet by selling home-made jewellery. A stall at a burlesque fair leads to an encounter with and alone question from an enigmatic man. Felicity summons her inner bravery and takes the plunge, answering yes to the question. Sir takes Felicity on an eye opening journey of pain and pure pleasure that leaves her and the reader squirming and writhing in ecstasy. Copy kindly gifted by author for honest review.

  Review by Ali Greig

Something Brave is for all those times you really wanted something but where too scared to say YES! Felicity keeps herself to herself. She doesn't need anyone else. She is making ends meet, making jewelery and selling at craft fairs. Attending a local burlesque fair opens her eyes and sets her mind racing. When she is propositioned by a tall, handsome stranger can she say yes to all she really desires? Will felicity do Something Brave? Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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