Madness Ends

Beth D. Carter

Customer & Industry Reviews of Madness Ends

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

How is it that Ms. Carter can make a group of insane outlaw bikers look hella hot? I feel a little dirty just admitting I adored this book!MADNESS ENDS was just as crazy, intense and erotic as its prequel, Mad Delights. Bottom Line: Somewhat disturbing, somewhat crazy, totally erotic and all well written. I'm now desperate for anything Ms. Carter has had a hand in writing! 


  Review by Literary Nymphs

The chemistry between the three is hot, but Kaiya has some very understandable feelings of being rejected by Gabby at times. I liked that Kaiya stood up for herself as she tried to explain why she doesn’t like to be ordered around, as she was a virtual prisoner growing up and after she was rescued at her grandfather’s compound.  The tension between all the various parties, once they arrive at the same place, are so true.  The author did a good job tying everything together at the end. 

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

This story is full of lots of action, suspense, and sexiness galore. The chemistry between the three is off the CHARTS sexy!! Just as good as the prequel, Mad Delights, Madness Ends’ ménage storyline works well and made me want them all together as a trio. There is no clear cut man that I thought was better for Kaiya – each one brought a different edge to the partnership. Ms. Carter does an amazing job of writing sexy, M/F/M, badass books that are a must for any biker series fan!

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