With Her Kiss

Cerise DeLand

Customer & Industry Reviews of With Her Kiss

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  Review by Sultry Steamy Reading

I loved With Her Kiss because the heroine was a strong woman who was brave to refuse the king. I liked that she was true to how she felt about the hero. He broke her heart before, but she knew she still loved him, even after enduring a loveless marriage, something that usually turns a lot of women jaded and heartless. The hero was a true hero in a sense that he rescued the heroine, he nursed her, brought her back to life, protected her, and fought for her. He may have made a mistake when he left her, but he carried her with him all this time. I think that's sweet. Of course, this book wouldn't be complete without the steamy scenes, and man, were they really steamy. With all the sex, adventure, and rescuing that goes on in this book, it is no surprise that I like this better than the other two, and I already liked the other two very much.

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

For a short story, this plot was put together perfectly. For me that is the best kind of romance, and when it all came together for them in the end, I rejoiced for these fictional characters. I really can’t say enough good things about Cerise DeLand’s writing style and the Swords Of Passion Series …. just that With Her Kiss has to be my favorite. I am happy to recommend this book!

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