Good Manors

Victoria Blisse

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  Review by Angela Minto

India Grace has a past she would rather forget and a vulnerability I instantly warmed to. Her latest job finds her torn between keeping her job and facing the demons of her past. The alternating insights from both throughout, rather than a singular view is refreshing. The many characters woven into the story help to carry you along and interested as the secrets are revealed. Some delightful voyeurism kept my interest and I found myself wanting to see more. The Hall's interior detail was very well written. I particularly liked the mirroring of the couple's attraction and the exploration of hidden passageways and rooms. The discovery of their passion has everything, including some raunchy BDSM and a wonderful attic scene with rope and candles. An enjoyable and captivating read which leaves you Blissed out and wanting more!

  Review by The TBR Pile

This is an absorbing book.  The storyline was very intriguing and all of the sub-plots kept my mind just a whirring. The sex scenes are off-the-charts kind of HAWT and if you like BDSM like I do, then you'll be able to really enjoy this. You will need a box of Kleenex though because I doubt you'll make it all the way through without some tears.  

  Review by Karen Shenton

India Grace is a rare breed, a journalist with morals and a personal code to only write the good things about the stately homes she visits and reports on. This code came into existence following a harrowing and sleazy mistake in her early days. The past comes back to bite her severely on the bum, or so she first thinks, when her next assignment leads her to Mallard Hall. With a new family name running the home though everything should be fine...... Xander Patrick wants nothing to do with the Mallard name, only making the estate a success to honour his mother. He's too busy to entertain a journalist from a magazine but when he meets India, all of that changes. This is an absorbing book with a very interesting storyline at the heart and various sub-plots that keep your mind whirring. The sex scenes are off the chart hot and if BDSM is your thing then you'll seriously be in your element. Keep the tissues handy too as your heart strings will be well and truly pulled. Pure Blisse!

  Review by Ali Greig

Haunted by a photograph that she took years ago, India is shocked to find out she is being sent by her employer, Good Manors Magazine, to Mallard Hall. The very estate that belonged to the man in the photo, the man who died because of her photo. Finding that the Lord of the Manor is not a Mallard and extremely good looking, India relaxes.Then she is told the one thing that can turn her world upside down. Xander Patrick is not his fathers son - after taking his mothers name he is building his inherited estate back up and a great review from Good Manors magazine is just what he needs. What he didn't need was India in his life. Full of sexy encounters and a gut wrenching confession Good Manors is a great page turner. 

  Review by momof3infl

India is sent to write an article on Mallard Hall. She goes with redemption for her past in mind, and does not expect to meet the stunning owner, Xander. Their chemistry is off the charts, but when he finds out her link to the downfall of his pride and joy, will it fizzle out? I loved the writing on this book, it was engaging and sexy, with a hint of intrigue. The characters made you seem as though you were in the book with them, they were kooky and lovable. An entertaining storyline, saucy scenes and great writing leaves you feeling fulfilled after reading Good Manors. 

  Review by Romancing the Book

The story switches back and forth, giving first-person narratives from both India and Xander Patrick. There is also plenty of historical data as the writer fills in the storyline with glimpses into the past. The characters are well developed, providing a good connection for readers. I was especially amused by Mary, who always seemed to know what to say. I found this to be an entertaining story with good characters, hot chemistry and a secret that finally works its way to the surface. The fall-out added a solid dynamic to the storyline.

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