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  Review by Crystal Blogs Books

Kait Gamble's Cuffed was sizzling hot fun wrapped in a pretty little package. It was definitely one of those short stories that I would give anything for it to be longer. I loved the instant chemistry between Jackson and Scarlett. From the moment they're together, it ignites. Cuffed was just a super fun and quick short story that made me giggle and search for a fan. I'd like to think of Cuffed as an amuse bouche. Now that I've had a taste of Kait's writing style, I want to pick up more of her books. Sexy times ahead!  

  Review by Coffeeholic Bookworm

Cuffed is a short but exciting & super hot read. While I had a great time getting to know Scarlett and Jackson, it was their moment alone together that had my breath hitched and my heart stopped from beating. Damn, these two could shake up an entire building, even with handcuffs. Kait Gamble surely has captivated me with her book!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

While this is a short little story, Kait Gamble packs a full amount of detail into as little works as possible. This isn’t the first book I have read by this author and I don’t think it will be the last because of how much I enjoy her writing.

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Ms. Gamble does a great job of depicting the excitement and feel of attending a Comic Con and the sudden, growing attraction of the handcuffed couple is sexy and grand fun to watch. Add in a bit of smug enjoyment as the couple manage to turn the tables on Rex not once, but twice and some incredibly sexy foreplay during a panel discussion as well as a spicy sex scene and we have the makings for a darn good romp. This is a great short story. It's put together well, the couple definitely has chemistry and it was well worth the read. You won't be disappointed. 

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Cuffed is a quick read that pushes all those buttons-yes those buttons! I have read many books by Kait Gamble and have never been disappointed. All are short, interesting, and spicy reads that are written well and to the point! Kait does a great job of creating characters that are real and endearing. The spiciness had me zipping through this one! It’s just what the doctor ordered!

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

The story is good and, as I mentioned, the premise was unique and interesting. It’s what I would call a quickie that doesn’t require the reader to become invested in a long drawn out emotional ride. They both recognize their interest, as well as chemistry and they move on it.

Only have a half hour or so and craving a juicy little short to fill it? GiveCuffed a try. Being attached at the hip never sounded so good.

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