In The Halls of the Mountain Troll

Tanith Davenport

Customer & Industry Reviews of In The Halls of the Mountain Troll

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  Review by Lisette E. Manning

While this is a short read, it packs quite a punch. Tanith has done a beautiful job in taking the lore surrounding trolls and presenting it in such a way that that you honestly want to know more about them. Each character is nicely developed, too. I hope we get to see more of the characters and the world she’s created.

  Review by Natural Bri

You are still a part of this gorgeous and intricate world of folklore and fantasy, with action and consequence swirling around you, but stick in the middle is this triangle of relationships, fuelling the fire and really bursting at the seams.

I was drawn in and now I am completely addicted to the world Tanith has created. I need to see more from her and I can guarantee that you’ll feel the same way, once you open the cover of The Halls of the Mountain Troll.

  Review by Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

I would like to start off my saying I have never read a book like this one.  I don’t ever remember reading about mountain trolls! It was great and different and still managed time for a love story. This was a fast moving story that wants you to just keep reading. While this was not an extremely long book I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. 

  Review by The TBR Pile

There is great dialogue between them all – something I love to find in a story. The writing style bordered on brilliant at times. Trolls; it seemed. Ms Davenports’ portrayal of them as dangerous predators was both disturbing and fascinating.

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