La Brat

Ashe Barker

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  Review by Confessions from Romaholics

I totally am loving the Totally Five Star imprint from Totally Bound. I am visiting all these countries without leaving the room. With La Brat I was taken not only to one country- but two . Win Win! Thanks to a bratty submissive and a crazy serious Dom. This may be my favourite book in the imprint so far . Eugenie was definitely a beautiful French woman who was strong but had no clue how to deal with her feelings and emotions. Thank goodness Aaaron ends up back in her life! I love how these books seem seamless. Whilst each of the hotels may have its own distinct flair , the world is exactly the same between books. I love the brat Genie and smooth-talking, panties-melting Aaaron. I loved that the book wasn’t just about their relationship and the kink. There was quiet a mystery involved in this book that will surprise you, it ties their jobs together to get their second chance romance. Must read if you like a bit of BDSM with a good storyline.

  Review by Erotica for All

La Brat was another great read from Ashe Barker. With a backdrop of a stunning, luxurious hotel and a beautiful city, this novel is escapism at its finest. The writing, as always, was fantastic, the plot intriguing and the sex scenes sizzling. If you love M/F BDSM erotic romance novels, I’d definitely recommend checking this one out.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

It was easy to see how Genie and Aaron had a natural attraction to each other. And then ya know things do have to heat up and oh does it sizzle! As for the ending, naturally it has to be a happy one and that’s how it always should be when you lose yourself in a great story.

  Review by Lee'Anne

This has to be one of my favorite reads of the year! Genie is a bratty submissive whose Dom, Aaron, leaves her when they have an intense scene that goes a bit to far. Fast forward 3 years and Genie gets the job of a lifetime and is shocked to discover that Aaron also works for the same company. They decide to just be friends at first but when they’re assigned a project together and Genies life is threatened things warm up quickly. I really enjoyed the fact that their relationship starts off as friends and grows in to more. I feel it really added to the story and made this different then your typical BDSM read. The writing was fantastic, the story was face-paced and the sex scenes are super hot. Great read! Highly recommended!

  Review by Girly Girl Book Reviews

La Brat is one of my favorite novels this year! It is a mind spiraling bdsm with some mystery, sexy, and was very fun to read all around. In an exquisite Totally Five Star hotel where there lies secrets you will find this exceptional story to pick up and read. The passion that is shown is raw but very emotional to show that there is something more than just the average bdsm life. The mystery is brought out to the danger at the right moment. It is definitely one I will have to ‘re read and would highly recommend! 

  Review by Kate Deveaux

Oh la la! Ashe Barker will have her readers shouting ‘Oui Oui’ in this scintillating tale of lovers reunited in La Brat.

Set in the amazingly seductive Paris Totally Five Star Hotel, Eugenie, the quintessential brat, is in for quite a surprise when she is introduced to the Director of Hotel Security, the devastatingly dominating Aaron. The Master she had once loved and then disobeyed, more than earning her club name ‘La Brat.’ Reacquainted in Paris, their attraction proves more than either can resist as they revisit their preference for sex best served scalding. A Dom you can’t help but love when he declares, “I have no quarrel with brattiness, as long as you’re my brat.”

Eugenie struggles to be an obedient submissive at the hands of Aaron as Ms. Barker unravels the complexity of Dom and submissive psyches with all the nuances of a petal unfolding in the dawning light. Both tantalizing and sensual, the reader is drawn into not only the romance, but also the intertwined sub-story of the celebrity wedding at the hotel, along with high security hijinks and a even a stalker on the loose. Fans of Ms. Barker’s previous Totally Five Star Marrakesh book, Chameleon, will be delighted to see a reappearance of Fleur, the hotel doctor now working for the Totally Five Star Paris.

All in all La Brat - c’est magnifique!

  Review by Lynn

The sex and BDSM scenes within this story are lovely. This story has a nice conclusion, a nice HEA. 

  Review by Momof3infl

Ashe Barker has hit another book out of the park with La Brat. When Genie lands her dream job at a ritzy hotel in Paris, the last person she expects to see is the one who made her become known as La Brat. Working together to put the hotel at the top of everyone's list, they find that time has changed them both, and maybe now is the time they are meant to be together. La Brat is vivid in its imagery, sultry in its passion, and all around decadent with a touch of mystery. It was elegant storytelling personified, and I loved that the characters were so passionate and convincing.

  Review by Jane Davitt

The bottom line (no pun intended!) was that Eugenie and Aaron were perfectly suited for each other and I adored every tempestuous moment as they found that out for themselves. I’ll definitely be reading more by this author and if ‘La Brat’ is anything to go by, they’ll be five star reads too.

  Review by V's Reads

This is a fun read! Eugenie is a willful woman who craves a bit of discipline to clear her mind from time to time. I liked how Eugenie and Aaron rekindled their romance. The wrap-up of the mystery–who was harming Eugenie and why–comes at exactly the final moment before the wedding, with a showdown that is fast and fanatical.

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