Ghost's Treasure

Cheyenne Meadows

Customer & Industry Reviews of Ghost's Treasure

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  Review by Archaeolibrarian

This book was amazing. The story line kept me reading and reeling over what was going to happen next. Between the action going on with the killers on the loose and the feelings developing between Josie and Ghost, I couldn’t stop reading. His past is tragic and my heart was breaking for him, for his past and his present. These scenes broke my heart. Josie’s character was a fun, witty, feisty and loving woman. She made this story much more fun. She brought the laughter in and was a breath of fresh air when the sadness was overtaking my emotions.  

  Review by The Jeep Diva

 Lots of surprising twist and turns as they deal with the bad guys and we get a revisit with all the previous Wind Warriors, which in a series, is always a nice plus for me. Things do heat up between them, thankfully well after the danger has all passed, and has a nice slow progression and ends in a sweet HEA. Cheyenne Meadows does do a good romance and I’m sure fans of hers will enjoy this series.

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