Secrets, Lies & Vegas

Pamela L. Todd

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

5 holy shit, I-hate-you-so-much-for-making-me-bawl-my-eyes-out-Ms.-Todd stars for this insanely intimate, gorgeous and heart crushing read.
OMG y'all, SECRETS, LIES AND VEGAS was freakin' incredible! It was sexy and scandalous, with a bit of humor and some heart crushing scenes in there for good measure. I started off reading book 2 in the Beautiful Sinners series, Secrets, Lies and Imperfections and loved it so much I had to pick up the first one. Bottom Line: One of the best books of the year for me. It has everything that will give you the feels: sex, drama, lies, humor, sorrow and disgust. It'll take me a while to get over this one, and I'll be reading book 2 again now that I have this crazy insight into Marley and Blake's world. 

  Review by momof3infl

Secrets, Lies and Vegas is a very appropriate title for this book, just when I think I had it figured out, another bombshell would be dropped. Timid Marley has the chance to go to Vegas for a bachelorette party, and the last night she is awakened by dreamy Blake. She never thinks she'll see him again, but fate has a funny way of stepping in. However, it's not all fun and games in New York, there are many obstacles they both need to overcome. I personally loved this book. The secrets were shocking, the lies were gripping, and Vegas was sizzling. Secrets, Lies and Vegas is well-written, engaging, and I loved the impassioned affair between Marley and Blake, so arousing and captivating.

  Review by Archaeolibrarian

This was a fun, flirty, sexy read. The storyline kept you wanting more, and the suspense of Marley’s life kept you on the edge of your seat. This author did a great job bringing out different emotions throughout the story. The romance written was sweet and the passion was raw.  The way that the author described these scenes really made me feel the raw unbridled passion they held for each other in an emotional way.

  Review by Eva Millien

A mesmerizing contemporary romance that the reader can’t help but get emotionally caught up in as Marly struggles with her guilt over her relationship with Blake. There’s no denying the sizzling chemistry between these two strong compelling characters and the sex scenes are hot and steamy with secrets and lies building lots of tension throughout the story and lots of spice while some heartbreaking situations and turmoil adds lots of depth and quite a few tears (having a tissue close by). I have to be honest and to begin with I wasn’t so sure about Marly, I really wanted to strangle her (sign of good book when you really get drawn in by the characters) but once I began to understand her a little more I had to relent and Blake made my heart pound so needless to say I was completely caught up in the story and cried like a baby at a couple of spots but the story was worth a few tears and murderous impulses.

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