Hong Kong Heat

Raven McAllan

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  Review by Love Bites and Silk Ties

This is a beautiful, scorching, love story told from the perspective of Debra who is on the final leg of her world tour in what she tags her mid life crisis and Braams, the hot shot troubleshooter for an exclusive hotel chain. On the face of it these two people shouldn't have anything in common especially with the age difference as an issue. But 'age is nothing but a number' and 'you're only as old as the person you feel'. Okay I'm out of cliches but you know what I mean. The attraction between Debra and Braams was obvious right from the start and the two of them nearly set my ereader alight. But as with any love story, falling in love is not always an easy journey and these two will have to deal with their personal demons before they can find true happiness.

Ms McAllan has written a wonderful story you can get lost in. And I did get lost in her wonderful descriptions of Hong Kong culture, people and locations. So much so I now want to visit Hong Kong for real. What are you waiting for? Go and grab some Hong Kong Heat. You'll love it.

  Review by Nicole

Debra has spent the last year traveling the world. She is at a crossroads in her life. Being a widow has left her not knowing what to do. Now she’s at her last stop, Hong Kong. What she didn’t plan on was the hot young guy who is now front and center in her fantasies at night. Braam isn’t looking for anything, except the manager who stole from the hotel. He’s just doing his job until he finds a beautiful woman swimming in the pool one night. He is immediately attracted to her, and is determined to make her his. Soon they discover that the need to be with each other consumes therm. Debra only thinks of this as a vacation fling, and wonders why someone younger than her would want anything more than just a few fun days together. She’s never seen herself as anything special and definitely not a cougar.

  Review by Girly Girl Book Reviews

WOW! This novella is explosive!  The author leaves nothing unturned in this story!  It is filled with hot passion and laughing between the banter on these two characters. What started as a simple kiss turned into something else. I loved Braam and Debra, their attraction was full and left nothing out. It was raw and passionate at the same time. The author did a great job with this novella and how it ended especially with the turmoil of hearts!

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