Fields of Thunder

Aliyah Burke

Customer & Industry Reviews of Fields of Thunder

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  Review by Selina Durio

This was an excellent read. The story of Roz and Altair was not only perfect within the scheme of the guardians finding their artifact and mate, but sexy and sensual within its own right. To see where the demons in both their backgrounds, as well as the skeletons from the past try to keep them apart and how they overcome was wonderful. I especially liked the “big brothers” Cale and Tiarnan’s reactions to one of the female guardians finding their mate, as opposed to when the male guardians did. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite series.

  Review by Gigis

I enjoyed the story and thought it was well-rounded. It had a lot more action and danger than I was expecting and thought it really kept this an exciting fast-paced story. I liked that the characters were not your typical characters, they had both lived/live dangerous lives and are kick butt. Roz is smart, capable and tough and so is Altair, but even though they have both seen horrors in this world they are loving and caring. Great story and will definitely go back and read the others in the series.

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