Walk on By

Stacey Solomon

Customer & Industry Reviews of Walk on By

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  Review by Kayley

I'm really enjoying the book and can't wait to read more,

  Review by Handwritten Girl

Written in a fresh and fun style with lighthearted dialogue, I read this book in a day and found it almost impossible to put down. It was a really enjoyable and captivating story that provides an interesting and amusing insight into the world of celebrities and was a lovely debut novel from one of Britain’s most loved entertainers.

  Review by Isabelle Drake

Ever daydream about being famous? Ever wonder what it’s like to have designer clothes and be invited to the ‘best’ parties with the ‘hottest’ people? Pop singer Lola doesn’t have to wonder because she’s there—right in the heart of it all, living the life the rest of us can only imagine. The thing is, fame just may sparkle more brightly from a distance.

Lola, whose real name is Charlotte, has enough spunk to go after what she wants but enough honest vulnerability to make her real. Her story isn’t a wild, expose style one. It’s much more sincere and relatable. Walk on By is a fun, fast-paced, read that has everything you look for in a light-hearted, chick lit romance plus some starry surprises. Written by an industry insider, the story captures both sides of stage, giving the reader a chance to live two lives at once. 

  Review by The Romance Reviews

A sweetly fun book that takes you inside the life of a London celeb and makes you fall in love with love. Looking forward to more books in this series. 

  Review by Gemma Lawson

An easy to ready light-hearted novel that left me smiling, and wanting more! The characters are believable, and the narration of Lola is honest and funny. The story follows an up and coming star as she struggles to deal with new fame and finding someone who loves her for who she is rather than status. The novel is all written in the first person, however it is divided into normal prose and a diary style entry. Although it took me a couple of chapters to get used to this it soon flowed and it was nice to be given access to Lola's true feelings. As celebrity-author stories go this was well written, and I look forward to reading more by Stacey Solomon!

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

There’s more to this book than you might assume on the surface and I really enjoyed it. Overall, I thought this was a fun, funny and really well written story.  Perfect for a rainy afternoon read, cuddled on the couch with some blankets

  Review by Foxylutely Books

In this book Stacey Solomon has delivered an engaging, romantic and comical read all about the celebrity circuit and all the highs and lows that entails. I liked the feel of this read as it held a little of everything to keep the reader entertained. There were some real laugh out loud moments and some quite surprising steam thrown in. I did find myself at times wondering if a certain character was based on someone in the spotlight, especially at the parties Charlotte was made to attend. Overall a good hearty plotline and although the ending was a little abrupt, it did leave the room for a further book to soothe the reader’s thirst for more.

  Review by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Lighthearted and fun, this chick-lit story is sure to leave everyone with a naughty giggle and a satisfied sigh. Charlotte and Blake are lively characters and the strong secondary cast makes the story really shine. Equal parts realistic and romantic fantasy, I really feel this book has something for everyone. I’d happily recommend this awesome, fun, happy story to friends and family alike.

  Review by Charlie

Walk on By is a romantic and lighthearted first novel by Stacey, which gives us a look at the ups and downs of fame and finding romance through the eyes of her funny and likeable heroine Charlotte Taylor, aka pop star Lola. Even though she's living in the (not always) glitzy world of fame, you feel like you can relate to Charlotte through her down to earth diaries and hilarious inner monologue. Even when she almost loses herself in her famous persona Lola, sparks of the real girl with the same insecurites as all of us still show through, especially during her first funny and awkward moments with the mysterious Blake. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  Review by Book Boyfriend Hangover

This is a story about Charlotte, who's recently become famous. It kind of details her emotional journey through the celebrity world. I love her best friend, he cracked me up throughout the story. Plus I think it was a good way to keep the comedy going throughout the story. Plus he pushed her, in that friendly, but I could still kick your butt way. I would recommend this book for those that are interested in comedy, romance and first person stories.

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