A Fruitful Intimacy

Donna Gallagher

Customer & Industry Reviews of A Fruitful Intimacy

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  Review by H K Carlton

No responsibilities, no kids, a tropical island, champagne for two. And mangos. Don’t forget the mangos. Sound good? Then Donna Gallagher’s A Fruitful Intimacy is for you. Hardworking Ben loves his wife, Beth, and the family they’ve created. Beth has spent years trying to be everything to everyone and believes she’s fallen short. Both realize they’ve grown apart, but don’t know how to go about getting back what they had in the beginning, fearing it might be too late. As always, Donna writes real-to-life stories with humour and heart mixed with sexy goodness. I give A Fruitful Intimacy 5 Juicy Mangos

  Review by Susan Foulkes

A bittersweet story that grabbed me from the beginning. It was all too easy to identify with Beth and Ben....any couple who have (or had) young children will understand what they were going through but the story is about far more than simply spicing up their love life. It is about the need for communication and support between partners and the dangers of unrealistic expectations. High five to Ben for not only realising that they had problems but also for coming up with a creative and fun solution! If there was an award for most creative use of fruit this book would win hands down!

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