Burning Rubber

Lily Harlem

Customer & Industry Reviews of Burning Rubber

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  Review by Karen Shenton

This was my first biker book. Sandra is a smart, talented and incredibly likeable lady. Gid is foul-mouthed and bad-ass, a perfect biker leader. Their passion is consuming and sexy as hell. I really hope we get some more of this and also, how do I join the Wild Angels?

  Review by Veronica R. of V's Reads

Gid is an impatient, determined man. And he wants Sandra. Gid’s as captivated by Sandra's skills as she is by his masculinity. Expect lots of heat--and I don't just mean in bed. A quick read with an interesting plot and a steamy male lead. I liked Gid more than the usual biker guys. He had a decent, tender side and his gruffness really fades when he's alone with Sandra.

  Review by Elizabeth clinton

What can I say but Simply Hot and Fantastic. Loved everything about Sandra and Gid's story. When Gid and the Wild Angels ride into town Sandra has just met her match and the chemistry is instant. If you are looking for a book that will make you hot and looking for a biker like Gid for yourself this is the book you want to read

  Review by Ali Greig

I LOVE Lily's writing and when I found out she was writing a 'biker book' I did a happy dance! Gid is a filthy-mouthed leader of a gang of Wild Angels - it is no wonder that our heroine of the piece, Sandra, can't get him out of her head! A quick read that packs alot in and definitely one for the over 18's. I would love to read further stories of these two.

  Review by Debi

Lily sure knows how to write a sexy biker story. They may be rough and tough but when it comes to women they are putty in your hands. Don’t ever think about man handling a woman because you never know what may happen, just ask Bruce. You harm one little hair on Sandra’s head and Gid was gonna do something about it. Lily sure got me hooked on a hot a$$ biker. Makes me wish the story was a little longer so I could hear more about Gid.

  Review by Romancing the Book

I knew I would love it from the first page when I met Sandra. The sassy female mechanic had a strong loyalty to family and a tough attitude. Gid was still a bit of an enigma at the closing of the book. It left me wanting more in the best possible way. Sexy, stern, and dangerous, he has a soft side he shows Sandra. Ms. Harlem has an amazing tact for keeping him authentic, but not overly alpha. The two have an exciting journey together that kept me pages turning. I recommend this for readers who love alpha males and strong females.

  Review by Erotica for All

This is a quick read which packs in an awful lot of heat. Gid is a seriously hot guy, and it’s easy to see why Sandra’s so tempted by him. I always enjoy Lily Harlem’s writing, and this book is no exception. The storyline is interesting, the characters are great – I particularly liked Sandra’s sassy attitude – and there’s a lot of promise here for a follow up story. Yum.

  Review by Multitasking Mommas

Burning Rubber is about a lonely woman in a lonelier male-dominated world of mechanics. This allows her boss to abuse her talents; after all, who'd believe she could do a better job than most men? Even the local MC refuses to take her word for it, except for the lone Gid, who's understandably drawn to a gorgeous woman hiding a sharp mind of a man. I have no bones to pick with this sweet story. The story is hot, passionate, and so very erotic. 

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