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  Review by April Best

Love this series, and LOVE this author! Sierra got this book so right Two super strong, independent people are drawn to each other by passion and fire.. She's determined to make it on her own, and he's the one who decides he needs her by his side! This was just a wonderful story that draws you in and then before you know it the book is over and you're sitting there all sad... Waiting for the next round of Awesomeness to come from this amazing author!! Just read it!

  Review by Chris Schleihauf

The story picks up right where Crave left off, but this time we are introduced to Kennedy, a very powerful and intense Dom. He is surprised to find a woman from his past at the hub, Mackenzie, but is quickly taken with her. The problem - Mackenzie been hurt before and is uncertain of a new romance. I enjoyed reading the book and Sierra was once again able to capture all the tension between two people meant for each other. The dialogue between them had me laughing and wondering what she was going to say next. If you have enjoyed any of Sierra's other books, you will certainly enjoy this one. A 5 star for sure.

  Review by Susan Cooper

This was a very satisfying story with a witty, sexy Dom, and an equally witty sub. I understood Zee's reluctance to have a "relationship" and loved the way Kennedy was persistent and persuasive. Sierra has such a great way of fully fleshing out characters in her books. I want a Kennedy for myself - I'll even take a poor one! Her scenes are sexy and fun and only enhance a great story. Even though this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone.

  Review by Gina Wilkins

In Claim we meet Mackenzie or Zee and Kennedy. They are SO sexy together and just a match made in heaven, even if they can’t recognize it at first. Zee I found to be a breath of fresh air. She’s one of those humble girls who are completely unaware that she’s extremely hot and a perfect 10 in the eyes of most men. Kennedy commands attention, yet he doesn’t have to be a snob or a jerk to get it. He is also very humble and absolutely adorable - a perfect catch. The scenes were amazing! One of my favorite things added to the story was the padlock. I just loved how such a small detail, played into the story from beginning to end. It helped tie it all together. This was an amazing BDSM story where the woman really needs to be taken care of and the hero delivers. Showing her that all men are not the same and the she can love again. Inspiring and hot. I’ll wait with bated breath for the next one!

  Review by LeeAnne

I could not put this book down once I started! It is fantastic! This is not your typical BDSM book – it’s funny, heartwarming and so very hot! I love that Kennedy is a Dom without being totally overboard – he truly cares what Mackenzie wants and isn’t a complete a-hole when she speaks up about her likes/dislikes. Their relationship is different then anything I’ve ever read. Kennedy is definitely my new book boyfriend! He’s just perfect. Fantastic story, very well written and I highly recommend it!

  Review by January

I really enjoyed this book! I like how story line is one some people can relate to especially ones that had there trust and love betrayed. I loved how Sierra Cartwright wrote all of the emotions Mackenzie and Kennedy were feeling and I felt them right along with them while reading this book. I can't wait for the next book in this series.

  Review by MsRomanticReads

Crave was an emotional journey of former lovers trying to reconnect and rebuild the trust they'd once shared. Claim, on the other hand, was just pure, sexy fun between a stubborn but charming Dom, and an equally stubborn submissive. The story was scorching hot, heartwarming and laugh out loud funny at times. An odd thing to say about a BDSM story, but true nonetheless. I LOVED Kennedy! Hells bells, he came pretty darn close to being the perfect male specimen, and he knocked a few Doms off my book husband list. If you enjoy kink (mostly spanking, quite a bit of anal play and using the D/s honesty as a tool to push their budding relationship along) then this might be the book for you. I'd read this again!

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Just finished Claim with a big smile on my face. After reading the first book in the Bonds series I knew Claim was gonna be good. Little did I know it would be better than the first. Let me tell you, if you’re not reading her books you are missing out. Easily she is one of the best authors I have discovered this year. Claim works very well as a stand-alone but I highly recommend reading the series from the beginning. If for no other reason than to get to experience Julian. Read. Claim. Now.

  Review by Lit 4 Ladies

They have a great playful relationship, with a lot of sexy witty banter. It is a steady novel, with a bit of drama, but it is just really about a couple hashing out their difference and coming together. It is realistic, with a bunch of sexy BDSM thrown in!

  Review by Reading Keeps Me Sane

Kennedy and Mackenzie had chemistry from their first scene. This was a sweet (physically painful and HOT at times) story.  Both character have nuances that makes them real. 

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