Claimed by the Captain

Demelza Hart

Customer & Industry Reviews of Claimed by the Captain

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  Review by BTSe Magazine

This was a very short and a very steamy read. Even though it was a little off the beaten track, it was quite good and just the right length. If you like pirates, adventure and time travel to a new world, give it a chance and you just might like it.

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Demelza Hart captures the life onboard a ship with clarity, highlighting the differences in a ship of the 19th century and a ship built as a replica, with all modern technologies and conveniences.  She’s built a character in Becky that is strong, quick thinking and determined, with a touch of impulsive attitude to enhance her appeal. Jasper is dominant, alpha and utterly enchanted by her, and their scenes together are incredibly hot and steamy.  A fun escapist read.

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