Ruined by the Pirate

Wendi Zwaduk

Customer & Industry Reviews of Ruined by the Pirate

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  Review by Goodreads

What a great read! I read it in one day straight through and I am looking forward to reading more! Damsels that don’t know they’re in distress, danger, and high seas! What more could a reader ask for! It was exciting and sensual in all of the right places as Captain Killian Thomas takes what he wants, Sarah Moyer. I loved reading along as they faced adversaries, and adventures with just the right mix of angst and some sads but it was all good in the end!

  Review by Anne Sherriff

1910 – not the time period you’d normally expect as the setting for a swashbuckling pirate yarn but this works beautifully. This is a fresh take on the pirate tradition and the period setting is brilliantly done, filled with interesting details such as the advent of the motor car. Killian Thomas is the epitome of buccaneering charm, a rogue who takes what he wants. He decides he wants Sarah. Initially his thoughts are of a possible ransom, but that soon shifts and he decides to return her to her home, unharmed if not in entirely the same condition he found her. Wendi Zwaduk weaves a rich, sensuous tale, with a sexy hero and a heroine who knows what she wants. I devoured the whole thing in one sitting and I’ll be looking out for more.

  Review by Goodreads

Ruined by the pirate indeed. Wendi Zwaduk certainly has a way to keep you engaged from start to finish. She shows what a strong, independent women is capable of doing even in those times. Fun with unexpected tender moments. It's a good read and you will want more. You will want to be ruined this way any time of the day

  Review by Amber

This story was given to me by the author to provide an honest review. This a mature novella for 18+ readers only. This book over all was pretty good. This story was placed in the earlier years of the US. Cars were a new invention, woman couldn't vote, but yachts were an option for the rich. I had some issues in the beginning with how fast the characters became attached to each other. This would have been better had the story been a novel and taken a lot more time with the two developing a relationship. I did however like the ending and while I will say I enjoyed it I cannot provide why without giving away part of the story. It was well written and given that is was meant to be a novella I would say it is worth the buy.

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