Her Secret Past

Victoria Blisse

Customer & Industry Reviews of Her Secret Past

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  Review by BTSe Magazine

If you get a chance pick up a copy. You'll be glad you did.

  Review by Voluptasse


A lovely story that had me hooked from the very first page. Victoria Blisse has pulled out all the stops with this tale of lost love and new beginnings. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it as the perfect easy read this summer.

  Review by Tanith Davenport


Ms Blisse held my attention right from the beginning with prose that sparkled and characters I was immediately rooting for – I was eager to know the secret but also happy to just enjoy the writing as the story unfolded. From the opening, with the beleaguered heroine and the damaged hero, I could tell that a good storytelling experience awaited me and I wasn’t disappointed. Victoria Blisse’s writing has a great voice which always keeps the reader involved.


When the reveal came it made perfect sense and yet I hadn’t seen it coming – nor did I feel the urge to put the book down now that I knew the truth, as I knew there was still more entertainment to follow. Ms Blisse will definitely be on my must-read list from now on.

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