Ground Floor: Toys & Games

Jorja Lovett

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  Review by Jessica Lucas

I could not put this book down. If you are looking for a book with endless humour, two fantastic characters, HOT sex, and to witness two people explore each other (and so much more) then this is the book for you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

  Review by Jessica Stevens

I really could not put this book down. Only when my daughter told me she was bored (it was her birthday) did I feel guilty and put the book down with a promise to finish it later. You want laughter, romance, and HOT sex as the main characters explore each others bodies (and so much more) then this is your next book. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  Review by Kristin Elyon

Don't forget to grab a fan and some pop rocks candy ;) This is super fun and enjoyable to read! Jamie and Jen are two people that meet and instantly hit it off and are both surprised by how fast their feelings for each other grow and into a passionate relationship. The overall storyline is great as it will pull you in from the very beginning. I definitely recommend it if you enjoy a good romance with lots of steamy, sexy love scenes!

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