The Dimple of Doom

Lucy Woodhull

Customer & Industry Reviews of The Dimple of Doom

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  Review by The Romance

Hilarious novel. Honestly, I think Ms. Woodhull should be on Comedy Central.You will laugh out loud so make sure you are not at work! I was literally only on the second page I believe, when my assistant opened the door to ask what was so funny. This definitely has romance and erotica woven in, with a bit of mystery; however the humor makes itself known starting with the first page. I mean with the title alone, you sort of know where this is heading. 

  Review by Jeep Diva

Ooh what a laugh. Here I am sitting reading my book and looking like a complete nincompoop for laughing out loud at what looks to the rest of the world like nothing. Throughout the book Sam found herself in the most ridiculous situations in the post fu

  Review by Ramblings from a Chaotic Mind


The Dimple Of Doom was the kookiest book I think I have ever read.


I am looking forward to seeing where Woodhull takes these characters in the future. Under it all Sam (the hero) and Sam (the heroine) came together and it was warm and gooey and full of awwwwwwww.

  Review by Persephone Magazine


Woodhull's breezy, chatty writing style immediately endeared me to sweet, savvy Samantha…Also, Sam/Nate/whatever his name is? Smoking hot. 


Dimple's a fast and fun romp. I can't wait to see what colorful messes Samantha and Sam/Nate/Whoever get into next.

  Review by Smexy Books


It’s rare that a book really makes me laugh out loud…Samantha really worked for me…And Sam.. He is a good guy, although he makes some poor decisions in this book. But I really adored him. He may handcuff Samantha on more than one occasion…but he does it to keep her safe. Sam is quite sexy too – this book isn’t just funny but has some nice, sexy romance in it too.



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