Over the Line

Sierra Cartwright

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  Review by Customer

The third book of Sierra Cartwright's series Mastered did not disappoint. Master Michael knew what he wanted and no one could deter him. He had been warned that Sydney was not a committed submissive. But Michael didn't care....Sydney intrigued him as well as turned him on. Sydney loved her kinky sex but she had great difficulty giving up her independence to be submissive with any Dom. Their relationship is frustrating and fulfilling at the same time. This story is fun, sexy, hot, and satisfying. Sierra is a talented and awesome author. She makes the reader want to partner with her very own Dom. I loved this book.

  Review by Love Romances & More

This is another good read from the Mastered series. Sydney and Michael are great characters... The two have an attraction that is off the charts. They fit nicely together and I enjoyed seeing that attraction deepen into something else.

  Review by Love Romances & More

The two are a perfect fit right from the start...Sydney and Michael are great characters...The two have an attraction that is off the charts they fit nicely together and I enjoyed seeing that attraction deepen into something else.

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

I really enjoyed Sydney Wallace. She's intelligent, saucy and has just enough baggage to be multi-dimensional. Michael is intense, patient and solid...just what Sydney needs. The pace was brisk enough, and the sex was spicy and molten...Over the Line i

  Review by Customer

Sydney and Master Michael have amazing chemistry. It's this palpable sexy back and forth between them that just makes you smile. This was an amazing journey for the both of them. With Michael, it was him learning to compromise and realize that not all women or subs are the same. With Sydney, it was her learning that she can be this independent, thrill seeking, woman AND have this amazing, protective man take care of her needs, without sacrificing who she is as a person. To watch these two finally break down their walls and let the other in, was a beautiful thing to read. Not to mention the sex and the scening was hot as hell. When Master Michael gets in to a scene, he is this intense, passionate, caring Dom that knows what he is doing and does it REALLY well. The fact that he was a cowboy on top of that, my god, you have yourself a winner!

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Can you really protect your heart when you're already willing to completely trust somebody with your body?...Michael is an excellent character with strong communication skills, a powerful body, and an incredibly insightful mind...I enjoyed this extreme

  Review by Blog Critics

Ms. Cartwright has penned another excellent novel here. She skilfully creates believable, flawed characters, ones that the reader cares about and roots for. I very much enjoyed the storyline of Over the Line, as well as the characters, the setting, the incredibly hot sex, the emotion, and the humour thrown in there, too. This was another great addition to the Mastered series. I’d definitely recommend BDSM erotic romance fans to check out these books.


Reviewed by Lucy

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