Pippa's Fantasy

Donna Gallagher

Customer & Industry Reviews of Pippa's Fantasy

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  Review by Coffee Time Romance

The League of Love series is a wonderful storyline with each character shaping their own story and enriching the whole. Present in the previous books, Pippa and Rook have both been strong secondary characters. Ms. Gallagher gives all characters the str

  Review by Customer

With this last installment, it is so noticeable that Ms. Gallagher has grown as an author, you can tell the difference in the writing style and the tempo of the story. There is a confidence in the writing that wasn't as noticeable in the first two stories. Pippa's fantasy is the wrap-up almost, we get to see the characters from the first three books years later. We get to see where their HEA's have taken them. I was a little worried that I would be grossed out reading about Rook, since his mother's story was book three, but after the love scene in the first or second chapter...that wasn't an issue for me anymore! Out of the four male heroes Rook was by far the hottest!

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