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  Review by Christina

Loved it! Beautifully written and so hot.

  Review by Customer

I absolutely LOVE Chris' writing. I've read everything she's released to date. This short is no different, a great read just as all of the others of her work. So much within so few pages and left me wanting much more. I'd say this is a great teaser. I hope she plans to continue, a series, novella maybe? I DO know I want more of Triton :)

  Review by Customer

A heroine lost in a sea of emotions and a mysterious merman who saves her life and gives her the emotional and physical release she didn't know she craved. Triton was hot, titillating, and a super sexy fantasy read. Very well-written and almost poetic in its delivery. However, I want more of this story. I hope the author decides to build on this because she caught me - hook, line and sinker. I definitely want to read more from this author.

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