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  Review by The hidden red alcove

I loved the bewitching writing, it gives a fully fantastic feel to the story. Like we're gathered around a fire listening to a tale. But not a children's tale! The language is sometimes crude, there is violence, there is hot sex, yet the story is original, it surprised and captured me. My only regret was that it didn't last longer!

  Review by Love Books? Blog Books!

I enjoyed this story, worth giving it a go if you like paranormal erotic stories. 

  Review by Customer

Chris Lange shows us her imagination at work again. If you like your Master Vampire tall, dark and smoking hot read this book. There a new way of handling vamps. No need to kill just neuter them. How you ask ??? Read the book. The sex scenes will have you wishing you could travel there and return here, unbitten of course.

  Review by Customer

Gabriel is a sexy novella from page one. A story of revenge, lost love, a fight for dominance, hot attraction and a heroine who has to be seriously frustrated by her frustration - I know I would be - this sizzling story is a fab read. And Master Gabriel . . . *melts*

  Review by Lynda

I loved this story...If you love hot, sexy vampires, you are going to love this book.

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