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Customer & Industry Reviews of Hotline

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  Review by Romance Junkies Reviews

Hotline is a superb story written around the NASCAR world...Hotline is definitely a story that I could see becoming part of an ongoing series and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Winston very soon!

  Review by Fallen Angels Reviews

Samantha Winston did a beautiful job of bringing a man who has known heartache and pain in his life to a woman who really hasn't had it good in her life together in a way that was unusual...

  Review by Sassy Brit

Short and sweet it sounds like a fairy tale, even a charity ball. But it tells the story that what is in a person is so much more important that what is visible. To get to know someone you sometimes have to look past the obvious. It is well written and wonderfully funny in parts, dramatic in parts, and sexy in parts, just what every story needs.

  Review by The Romance Studio

This is a marvelous love story between Shelly and Angel...

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