In the News: Bondage Included

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Tori Carson - Rude Magazine feature

What’s the world coming to? It’s impossible to find a decent mirror these days. Each one I gaze into reflects back such a narrow view of the real me that they have to be defective. As a young woman, I tried so hard to hide the fun-loving side of me, to always present a serene, professional front. It seems now that persona is the only one reflected back.

Tori Carson - Cara Sutra feature

When I started writing Bondage Anniversary, I never dreamed it would be my breakthrough piece. It began as a naughty tale meant for my husband’s eyes only. He had been away on a business trip and I spent many lonely hours working on the story. Once I emailed it to him, he told me, “This is it, baby. This is the one.” Turns out he was right.

Now, I have five books published and two more, including the opening book of a new series, coming out in March.

Tori Carson - BTSe Mag feature

Everyone needs balance in life. Even work you love can build up stress. For years, while holding down my day job, writing was my relaxing outlet. Once it became my career, I needed another source of ‘down time’. I found that release in stained glass.

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