In the News: The Wrath of Dimple

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Lucy Woodhull - BTS Emag

Up With Funny Romance! Down With School Buses!

Howdy, BTSe Magazine!  I’m Lucy Woodhull, and I write romantic comedies.  Nothing gets me going like a screwball heroine with a never-say-die attitude and the man who loves her (and laughs at her jokes).  Sure, a mopey vampire hero who is depressed about things that happened in the fifteenth century can be great, but I encourage everyone out there to pick up a LULZ-worthy, fun, sexy book.  Rom-coms pair perfectly with a steaming bathtub, a glass of wine, and some Cheez-Its.  Yup, that’s what classy romance authors do in our free time, ahem.

Lucy Woodhull - Three Things for USA Today

Three of my favorite TV couples:

• First: Lucy and Ricky, I Love Lucy. She's my namesake! They were so funny, and so groundbreaking in real life; they basically invented the sitcom, which is something this humor author is grateful for. Lucy and her man were also the first interracial couple on television, hell yeah!


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