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Sierra Cartwright - Interview for With This Collar

The book is set in a secluded mountainous area, so why did you choose this as a place to have The Den?

When I’m at my home near Denver, I live in a fairly urban area. I can walk to a quaint historic district with shops and restaurants and nightlife. And there’s a bus stop right outside my window. And the local police station isn’t far away. It’s a vibrant area, and there’s always something happening. As a result many of my books have fairly urban settings…

Sierra Cartwright Interview - Mastered Series

With This Collar - Author Reading

With This Collar - Book Trailer

Sierra Cartwright - Daily Mail Article

Even Racier than EL James! Sierra Cartwright featured in the Daily Mail for her Mastered series and bestselling title, With This Collar.

Read the article and an excerpt from the book.

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