Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach AUDIO

By Tuesday Morrigan

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Sun, Surf, and a summer affair…she just might experience all three, if he can keep her alive long enough.

Sun, surf, and a summer affair are the three things on Michaela Jameson's list of things to do while on vacation in Sydney, Australia. For years now beakers, Bunsen burners and hypotheses have been Michaela Jameson's whole existence. But her latest experiment just might cost Michaela her life. Determined to keep their star project alive, her employers hire Donovan Kelly to protect its most important asset, Michaela.

One look at Donovan and Michaela knows she's in trouble. With him guarding her twenty four seven she sees little chance of achieving her goals. One glance at what Michaela's hiding underneath her lab coat and Donovan knows he wants in. And judging by the heat between them, Donovan might just get his chance. That is if he can keep the sexy scientist alive long enough to cross everything off her to do list, wicked sex included.

General Release Date: 16th June 2010

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ISBN: 978-0-85715-114-8
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY

About the author
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Tuesday Morrigan

Tuesday Morrigan began her love affair with romance at an early age. As a child she was always infatuated with the novels she snuck from her mother. Later, in high school, the public library became her sanctuary with an endless array of romance novels. Tuesday is still an avid reader of books. Thanks to shows like Buffy, Angel, and her latest infatuation, Supernatural, Tuesday prefers her stories to have a little more grit. Her favourite genres have always been fantasy, mystery, romance and erotica, so as a writer, she tries to blend the genres to create her own personal niche.

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  Reviewed by Dark Diva Reviews

If you like short, hot stories then Sun, Surf and Sex on the Beach by Tuesday Morrigan is just the book to heat up your summer nights.

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  Reviewed by Joyfully Reviewed

The heat is on in the lively, erotic Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach!...Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach is a fast-moving tale that is pure fun to either read or listen to. The only downside is I finished...

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