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Crissy Smith - Fresh Fiction Article

To me, shifter love is intense, commanding, and all consuming. When you have heightened senses it makes sense to me that everything you do is just that much more intense. So when a shifter falls in love, whether with a human or another shifter, it’s all about the passion and connecting.

That is why I love writing about shifters.

Crissy Smith - Contemporary Romance Cafe

Put a hot wolf shifter detective together with a sassy human EMT and sparks will fly.

The description above is the best way I think to introduce you to Cooper and Julie, the two main characters of Pack Balance: Were Chronicles Book 13.

Crissy Smith - ARe Cafe series spotlight

We’d like to introduce you to the Shifter Coalition, as featured in four hot stories by Crissy Smith. Here’s what Crissy has to say about her sexy shifters:

Crissy Smith - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite desserts:

I have a weakness and you've found it. Desserts, oh boy oh boy, how can anyone resist.

Crissy Smith - Romancing the Book feature

Jen:  Tell us about your newest release.
Crissy: When I was asked by Totally Bound to be involved in their new imprint What’s her Secret? I wanted to write something different from my usual style while still remaining true to what I wanted to write. 

Crissy Smith - Coffee Time Romance feature

I am super excited to be here today! I would like to talk to you about my latest release Designated Alpha and how I switched the gender roles by having a strong Alpha female. Yes, you read that right… our heroine is the Alpha and she’s the one in charge.

Crissy Smith - Exclusive author feature

The majority of your backlist are shifter stories, what is it about shifters that you love to write?

I have always been attracted to shifter stories as a reader and so when I decided to try my hand at writing it was an obvious place to start. I like the idea that there is more out there than just the ordinary lives that people are leading. 

Crissy Smith - Designated Alpha trailer

Crissy Smith - LASR Book of the Year nominee

Pack Daughter has been nominated for LASR Book of the Year for 2014!

Crissy Smith - Cara Sutra feature

Hi everyone! You can’t see but I am sending you great big kisses and waving with two hands! I am so pleased to be able to introduce myself and my books as part of this great community. As part of Totally Bound publishing I have over thirty books and publications that I can’t wait for you to try.

Crissy Smith - The Jeep Diva blog tour stop

World Building in Paranormal Romance

When I start a new series like the Shifter Chronicles, I try to think long term. Normally I’ll base a few stories from one location before moving on. That is how I wrote my first series, Were Chronicles. When I decided to try my hand at the spin off series, I wanted to make some changes. Separate the two series so the readers could lose themselves into a new world that revolved around the shifters.

Crissy Smith - Author Spotlight

Where did the idea for Bear Claw come from?

Bear Claw has been outlined for a pretty good while. When I decided that theWere Chronicles series would be ending at book fifteen I wanted to write a longer word count series but had to ensure that the readers still got their shifter fix. Okay, I wasn’t completely ready to cut all ties from the wolves. With the newShifter Chronicles books I was able to create a new organization, the Shifter Coalition. The first four books were plotted out easily as I worked off my current stories from the Were Chronicles.

Crissy Smith - Female First Post

Why I Write Paranormal Romance

In the six years that I’ve been published I’ve always remained pretty tight on the genres in which I submit. If you know me you already know that over ninety percent of my books have paranormal elements. If you don’t I’d like to welcome you to ‘Paranormal Romance on the ‘WILD’ side…’

Crissy Smith - Feature for BTSe Magazine


During a lunch with friends recently I was asked if I thought the paranormal phase was over. After Twilight, True Blood, and Teen Wolf was there anything left to say? As a paranormal writer myself, with two series about shifters, I was shocked anyone would think that.

“Over?” I repeated. “And what do you mean a phase? Anything left to say? Of course there is!”

Crissy Smith - Three Things for USA Today


When asked what three books are on my keeper shelf I thought that would be an easy question to answer. Boy, was I wrong! But these three did stand out to me.

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb. The very first book of the In Death series opened a lot of doors for me. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb proves that a writer can choose what genre they want to be involved with and go for it. She writes it all.

What's her Secret Box Set Trailer

Last Call Book Trailer

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