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Victoria Blisse - Female First feature

It's very easy to go through life trying hard to please everyone and being worried about what people think of you. I admit that I spent a long time doing that but slowly I'm learning to break the habit of a lifetime and try to do something brave at every opportunity I get.

Victoria Blisse - Guest Author

Hello, I’m Victoria Blisse, I write and procrastinate. I’m either writing to avoid doing something else or doing something else to avoid writing. It’s a strange system but for me, it kind of works. 

Victoria Blisse - Exclusive author feature

What can we expect from Good Manors? 

A stately home, a handsome workaholic Dom and a journalist with a conscience. There’s some interesting play with copper jugs, hot wax and rope as well. Oh and cute sheep. What more could you want?

Victoria Blisse - Romancing the Book Feature

Jen:  Today we welcome Victoria Blisse to Romancing the Book.  Victoria,  will you share a short bio with us?
Victoria:  Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author.

Good Manors trailer

Victoria Blisse - BTSe Mag feature

I love being an author, it’s a fantastic job. It’s forever changing, never predictable and always thrilling. There is a definite down side to being a writer though. You can’t really do it with others. It can get a bit lonely, really. So what can you do to combat that? Get out and be social. It sounds obvious but again, it’s not that easy especially if you write erotica. Sex can be frowned upon so bringing up that you write harder stuff than EL James at your local writing group might not go down terribly well.

Victoria Blisse - BTS Red Carpet Review Nominee 2014

Her Secret Past has been nominated for a BTS Red Carpet Award in the Erotic category! 

Victoria Blisse — Three Things for USA Today


My three favourite desserts are the ones I'm always tempted by on the restaurant menus. Firstly pavlova with raspberries, which are my favourite fruit. I can't resist this one, neither can my husband. He proposed to me the first time he tasted my pavlova! Anything meringue is a definite winner with me, I love the crunchy sweetness.


Her Secret Past Book Trailer

Victoria Blisse - Interview for Satisfying Desires

What is your writing process?


You’re supposed to have a process? Well, I’m in trouble. My stories tend to creep up on me. I don’t plan, I write and see what happens. I like to write in the morning when I can, my brain is best then. However often I’m writing at all hours just to get something finished to meet a deadline!


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