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Ethan Stone - Female First

Look, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you need a bit of luck.

- Bear Grylls

Everyone likes to think that success in life is about hard work, but everything in life has an element of luck to it.


Molly Ann Wishlade - Female First feature

Horses and Harleys is a story of two wounded souls who find hope and healing through their interaction with each other and through their mutual love of horses.

As part of my research for the story, I looked into how animals can be helpful in the healing process, whether this is physical or psychological.


Celeste Rupert - Female First feature

These days, homesteading is a popular topic. There are many people looking to become more self-sufficient, and they're working hard to grow their own food. Growing up on a family ranch, we always did a lot of the things that are now "en vogue" like keeping chickens and growing a vegetable garden.

Molly Ann Wishlade - BTSe Mag feature

Whenever life throws a spanner in the works and I have to deal with an unexpected event or outcome, I recall the phrase from the movieForrest Gump Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get.

Molly Ann Wishlade - Interview for Desire in Deadwood

The book is set in 1878, so please tell us about your research process into it.

I read a lot of blogs and websites about the Wild West and watched a few documentaries. I scoured the internet for photographs of Deadwood (old and new) and re-watched the series Deadwood, as well as a few of my favourite Westerns. I’m fascinated by the thought What if… and that helped me to work through the GMC and the character arcs, whilst keeping a vivid picture of the historical setting…

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