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Lucy Woodhull - Contemporary Romance Magazine Feature

Buy a Book, Help a Loser by Lucy Woodhull

Hello there, Contemporary Romance Café readers.  I’m Lucy, and I’m a loser.

(This is the part when you say, “Hello, Lucy.”)

Well, see, I don’t know if I’m a 100% loser today, as my eyeliner is ah-maze-ing, and I just ate tacos, but I’ve been there.  Damn, have I been there.  Entire failed careers haunt me like yesterday’s raw chicken in the garbage can.  I’ve spent hours wondering to myself how other people do it — they just shimmy up the ol’ life ladder and succeed without bashing their knees or enduring break-through bleeding on their periods.  There are times when you work so damn hard, and are talented, but it still will not add up to “success,” whatever the frick that is.

Lucy Woodhull - BTS Emag

Up With Funny Romance! Down With School Buses!

Howdy, BTSe Magazine!  I’m Lucy Woodhull, and I write romantic comedies.  Nothing gets me going like a screwball heroine with a never-say-die attitude and the man who loves her (and laughs at her jokes).  Sure, a mopey vampire hero who is depressed about things that happened in the fifteenth century can be great, but I encourage everyone out there to pick up a LULZ-worthy, fun, sexy book.  Rom-coms pair perfectly with a steaming bathtub, a glass of wine, and some Cheez-Its.  Yup, that’s what classy romance authors do in our free time, ahem.

Lucy Woodhull - Three Things for USA Today

Three of my favorite TV couples:

• First: Lucy and Ricky, I Love Lucy. She's my namesake! They were so funny, and so groundbreaking in real life; they basically invented the sitcom, which is something this humor author is grateful for. Lucy and her man were also the first interracial couple on television, hell yeah!


Lucy Woodhull - Girls Love to Read Interview

Today we are interviewing Lucy Woodhull, author of the Dimple series, which we’ll be reviewing soon!
1. Hello! Welcome to the site, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Lucy Woodhull, and I’m a goofball.  I don’t say that lightly — my husband calls me that (lovingly…I think), as well as “weirdo.”  I write funny romances, because if there’s anything better than sex, it might be laughter.  I love bringing the funny, eating Cheez-Its, and vegging with said husband and our fat cat who hates everyone but us.

Lucy Woodhull - Contemporary Romance Magazine Feature

Flip That Script, Be a Better Writer

I’m romantic comedy author Lucy Woodhull, and I’m back on the CRC blog to talk about the ladiez.

One of the most amazing things to me about writing romance is that I’m doing it within a community of women.  Romance is the genre that is overwhelmingly written by women, edited by women, and bought by women (another is YA).  It’s a lady circle-jerk (ahem, so to speak), and it’s marvelous!  Those of us in the industry often wonder why the rest of the world poops on us — “romance novel” is practically a slur — but one must only look to the fact that romance = women to realize why.  “Pussy” is a slur, too.  “Run like a girl” isn’t that much different than “write like a girl,” although it’ll usually make you sweatier.

Lucy Woodhull - Interview for The Dimple Strikes Back

You are a big daydreamer so does this ever contribute to your writing?


Yes! I conceive of a lot of my favourite snippets of dialogue and scenes when my mind is wandering. I'll get a dreamy, faraway look and put my head on my hand to ponder this new, wonderful idea of mine. Then my husband will grumble, "Are you listening to me?" and I'll snap to attention and try to bluff my way out of it. Doesn't usually work. Never marry a smart dude, kids — they'll learn all your tricks.


Lucy Woodhull - Interview for The Dimple of Doom

Why is it important to you to combine steamy with funny?

I can't write without the funny — it's just not in me. I think I'm the secret love child of Mel Brooks and a rubber chicken.

Sex is so inherently laughable — all those grunts and thrustings… and the mess! Of course, it's beautiful, too, and joyous. Joy and humour go hand in hand; one often leads to the other. After all, what do most of us say we want in a partner? Someone who makes us laugh. Laughter is what helps us through the worst times in life, and it enhances the best ones…

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