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Aliyah Burke and Taige Crenshaw - Beyond Black & White feature

Unbreakable Bonds is a story about a woman who works in a bookstore, Ta-Mara LeBreaux. Her favorite book is one that has no author listed, nor an ending.

Taige Crenshaw - Beyond Black and White feature

The ethnicity of the characters isn’t a driving factor. So when I describe the skin tone it is portrayed through the eyes of the other and how they feel when they look at them. The character first sees the person who invokes an emotion and the skin tone is just part of them. It really isn’t a factor to the character they just want that person. 

Taige Crenshaw - Blog tour stop with Erotica for All

A conversation that I’ve had a few times in the past and more recently got me to thinking. A lot of blood, sweat, time, sleepless nights and tears go into anything that you love. Whether it is sewing that fabulous outfit, painting a picture, crocheting a throw or any other number of things you do. With each it takes all of what I mentioned above to get to that finished point. It’s the same with being a writer. Let me break it down.

Taige Crenshaw - Author spotlight for Firestorm Encounters

The Phoenix Intelligence Agency series is set in an alternate reality. How do you go about creating a paranormal world?

I love putting my spin on things. The series keeps evolving and growing. When I built the world of the Phoenix Intelligence Agency series,  I created a mythology of the world and built from there. I’ve taken many parts of history, folklore and other interesting tidbits to create the world of the story. I sank into the myths that I was creating.  In the world I added many various things that I find fascinating and put a spin on many of them in some way. The world is revealed brick by brick and layer by layer. 

Taige Crenshaw - BTSe Mag feature

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I love getting drawn into adventures of the stories I read. I have many books on my shelves that are keepers to me. They range from stand- alone to series/serials. Lately I’ve been re-reading a lot of series/serials that are my favorites. I’ve written on my own blog about my love of series and serials. What they are and how I feel about them. Almost on a monthly basis there are so many books coming that are part of a series/serial.

Taige Crenshaw - Beyond Black and White feature

Love has no color or boundaries. I start with that statement when someone asks me why I write interracial and multicultural romance. Then I follow that up with the next words, which usually get a befuddled and wide-eyed look from who I am telling it to.

Taige Crenshaw - ARe Guest Post

Rhythm Maker

There is a subtle rhythm that beats when you read. One you probably don’t even notice.

From the first word of any book, you read it pulls you in and takes you on a journey. Each step gives you various beat that resonate within you. That first blush of meeting and the little catch that you get when you read it.

Taige Crenshaw - Three Things for USA Today

Books on my keeper shelves:

• Honor's Splendor and Saving Grace by Julie Garwood. These are some of my go-to reads. Both feature heroines who are strong, gutsy and passionate. The heroes are alphas who are fierce, loyal and tender. The chemistry is intense.


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