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Amy Armstrong - BTSeMag feature

A little while ago a family member came to visit and after we’d exhausted most other topics of conversation, we landed on the subject of my writing career. When my friends ask about my writing, I usually tell them the title of my current work in progress and mention the series I’m working on. 

Amy Armstrong - Contemporary Romance Cafe feature

Please welcome guest author Amy Armstrong, who shares a British view of holiday romance!

Hi everyone! Firstly, thanks so much to Contemporary Romance Cafe for inviting me onto your blog today. I’m so happy to be here!

Amy Armstrong - Female First feature

Before I begin, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Female First for having me as a guest on your blog today. I've been a fan of romance novels since I was in my early teens and one of the first books in the genre that I read, if not the first was Love Comes to the Castle by Barbara Cartland.


Amy Armstrong - Blog Tour stop with Smart Girls Love SciFi

Today we are pleased to be hosting Amy Armstrong on her new release blog tour. The latest volume and third in her Huntress Chronicles series, A Merman in Miami,  was released last week.  The series combines romance and urban fantasy, hopping from slayer to slayer, each in a different city and after a different baddie. All that tightly woven into a novel length story. Sound good?

Amy Armstrong - Exclusive feature for A Merman in Miami

What can we expect from A Merman in Miami?

A Merman in Miami is set in the same world as the first two books in the Huntress Chronicles series. It’s a world much like our own, but in which paranormal beings live among us ― albeit in secret. In this world, the art of hunting vampires is handed down from generation to generation and is honed in special training academies all over the world. Like the first two books in the series, Mia the heroine of the story is tasked with finding one of twenty something grimoires before they fall into the hands of demons ― a mission which will take her and her hunting partner Drew to the very depths of the Atlantic in search of the secretive merpeople.

Tied to the Billionaire Anthology - Interview with Authors

Exclusive interview with all six authors from the Tied to the Billionaire Anthology.

Read all the juicy gossip from Lisabet Sarai, Cheryl Dragon, Tanith Davenport, Sam Crescent, Amy Armstrong and Willa Edwards.

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