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Donna Gallagher - Contemporary Romance Cafe feature

A ways back I was chatting to some of my Aussie author friends discussing possible book plots, we all decided to write a short story with a theme that revolved around food. My choice was easy – mangoes.

Donna Gallagher - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite vacation spots:

• When choosing three, it was hard to go past my visit to the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, China. Over 7,000 pottery soldiers, horses, chariots, and weapons, dating back to the Qin Dynasty (211-206 BC) have been unearthed from the excavated pits. It was breathtaking seeing the warriors lined up. Hearing the history from our informative tour guide, amazing — and a little disturbing.

Donna Gallagher - Cara Sutra feature

In December I celebrated my author-versary. It’s been two years since my first book Caitlin’s Hero released and I’ve got to say it’s been one hell of a journey. I never had any aspirations to write a book. I loved reading erotic romance or any good book for that matter and was quite happy in my life as wife, mother, sister, aunt. As my bio says it wasn’t until I heard the voice of Brodie James in my head, and could not get him to be quiet, that it all began.

Donna Gallagher - BTSe Mag feature

So you’ve finished the book. With each page turned you’ve immersed yourself further into the lives of the hero and heroine of the story. You watched them grow, work through their issues, maybe defeat the villain or sprout a set of fangs. Until at last you reach the end of the story and the happily-ever-after (or at least a happy for now) moment a romance book promises – But what about after that?

Donna Gallagher - ARRA Finalist 2015

Donna Gallagher has been nominated for: 

Favourite Erotic Romance for Cassie’s Choice

Favourite Continuing Romance Series for the League of Love series

Favourite Cover from a romance published in 2014  for Cassie’s Choice

Favourite Australian Romance Author 2014

The Sexiest Hero from a romance published in 2014, Riley Walters in Cassie’s Choice 

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