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Pamela L. Todd - Romancing the Book feature

Pamela: Believe it or not, I discovered writing when I was six years old. I asked my mum to help me make a book. Together we taped a few pieces of paper together and I disappeared into my bedroom to jot down my masterpiece.

Pamela L. Todd - BTS feature

Another year is coming to a close, and this time, it is closing the busiest year I have probably ever had. In my personal life, it saw my son turning seven (completely blows my mind) and my daughter being born. She will be eight months old by the end of December and I can’t quite work out where the time has gone.

Pamela L. Todd - BTSe Mag feature

As a writer of erotic romance, a question I am frequently asked is how much of my writing is actually fiction. When my first full-length erotic romance hit the shelves, the outpouring of support from friends and family was absolutely humbling. Even from the ones who swore blind they would never read it—for the simple reason they would never be able to separate the fact that their niece or daughter or cousin had written a book with lots and lots of sex in it.

Pamela L. Todd - Dumfries and Galloway article

One Dumfries author in particular is glad the erotic novel genre is back in the spotlight.

Pamela L. Todd - Contemporary Romance Cafe feature

As a reader, I flirt with a lot of genres. I enjoy fantasy then historical with maybe even a taste of horror. But contemporary…that is where my heart truly lies. Especially my writing heart.

Pamela L Todd - Blog tour stop with Erotica for All

I’ve never set out to write any particular kind of book. If someone came to me and said ‘Pamela, here’s a million bucks! Write me a *Insert Some Kind of Book Topic Here*’ I’d probably faint. Then whenever I came around I would have to respectfully decline. Unless of course, the *Insert Some Kind of Book Topic Here* could be applied to a book idea I already had, then not only would it be an awesome payday, but it would be a severe stroke of luck.

Pamela L. Todd - Female First feature

For a romance writer, or a romance reader, for that matter, one of the most important factors is the leading man. Of course, you need your likeable protagonist and a great plot to keep your reader hooked, but if the man isn’t up to par, your book is going to flop.

Pamela L Todd - Exclusive Author feature for Now You See Me

Now You See Me is part of the What’s her Secret? imprint, how did you find writing about a secret that was as buried and disturbing as Jo’s? was pretty hard. As a writer, you form these incredible bonds with your characters. They become your best friend, your love, your children. When they have a tough time it's hard putting them through that. Jo had been in the back of my head for years before I really sat down to tell her story and it was only when I finished that I realised it was because I had to mature in myself and give her the room to develop to really do her justice. 

Pamela L. Todd - Clitical feature for Now You See Me

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
I would totally be Time Woman. I could pause it, so that idea I had has no time to escape and disappear into the void, speed it up and slow it down so I have more hours in the day. I’d so give myself extra hours in bed too.

Pamela L Todd - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite TV couples:

• Monica & Chandler (Friends). As viewers, it's rare to be able to watch the complete history of someone's relationship. We got to see 10 years plus of this couple (who could forget those infamous flashbacks — This isn't a toe, it's a small, very cold, piece of carrot). We saw their friendship, their dive-bomb into a physical relationship and the beautiful ignition of love. And, come on, there isn't a single person who didn't melt at Monica's proposal.

Pamela L. Todd - BTSe Mag feature

BTSe Magazine has featured Now You See Me in their sneak peak section!

Now You See Me Trailer

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