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Unconventional in San Diego spotlight

Pride Publishing talks to the authors featured in the Gay Rom Lit anthology this year, Unconventional in San Diego.

Devon Rhodes - Female First feature

Remarkable Restraint came to life when I had an idea for a scene where one friend literally ties his best mate down in order to get some answers from him…and sparks ignite.

Devon Rhodes - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite desserts:

When I'm in a nostalgic mood, I love pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. Mom always made it from scratch every holiday, and I've kept up the tradition. She still makes sure to bake one when I visit, even if it's summertime.

Semper Fidelis Exclusive author feature

We speak to the authors involved in the Semper Fidelis anthology about what they love about men in uniform.

TA Chase and Devon Rhodes - MM Romance Goodreads Reader's Choice Awards Nominee 2014

Burning Up The Ice has been nominated for Best Athletes/Coaches story.

TA Chase & Devon Rhodes - Hockey Pages interview

Before we go in depth on Burning Up the Ice, what was the inspiration behind the International Men of Sports series? 

T.A.: We were sitting around our hotel room in Albuquerque for GRL (the GayRomLit retreat) and got talking about different countries and the sports that are considered national sports for them. We came up with six to start with, and during the almost two years since, we’ve chosen many more.

Devon: Both of us love sports in general, and writing athletic guys is a lot of fun. They tend to have characteristics that really lend themselves towards being ‘heroes’—dedication, focus, drive…and of course, pretty prime bodies! 

TA Chase & Devon Rhodes - BTS Red Carpet Review Nominee 2014

A Grand Prix Romance has been nominated for a BTS Red Carpet Award in the erotic category!

TA Chase & Devon Rhodes - Rainbow Awards Finalist

Serving Love at Carnival is a finalist in the Gay Contemporary Romance caegory at this year's Rainbow Awards.

TA Chase & Devon Rhodes - Rainbow Awards Finalist

Blindsided is a finalist in the Gay Contemporary Romance category at this year's Rainbow Awards.

TA Chase & Devon Rhodes - Rainbow Awards Finalist

A Grand Prix Romance is a finalist in the Gay Contemporary Romance category at this year's Rainbow Awards.

Devon Rhodes & T.A. Chase - Interview for Chasing the King of the Mountains

How does the dual author process work for you both?


T.A. —  We each pick a character to write, then whoever gets an idea of how to start the story can begin it. As we go along, we take turns writing scenes in our character’s point of view. Of course, we each throw in twists or secondary characters that the other has to deal with…

Devon — Sorry about that! I’m probably guiltier than T.A. on that count, but then again, she’s thrown a few challenges out to me too! Seriously, though, we write in a shared online document, so we can each watch the other do real-time additions and changes, or come back online later and see what they’ve accomplished. My favourite part is when we write dialogue together. I’ll type my character’s line, and she’ll respond with her character. The conversation takes some really interesting turns that way, just like in real life!

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