Emma Wildes

Emma Wildes is the award-winning author of over twenty books. She is the 2007 Eppie winner for best historical erotic romance, a 2006 RWA Lories third place winner for best novella, and a #1 bestselling author at Fictionwise.

Emma lives in rural Indiana with her husband, three children, and various pets.

She would love it if you would visit her at her website.

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Reviews (6)

Emma Wildes has crafted wonderfully amorous love scenes with well-developed, likeable and fresh characters. Less Than Honourable is sexy, hot and fast-paced.In short, this tale is orgasmic!

Emma Wildes is a rising star who writes incredible historical romance... I urge you to read Less Than Honourable and the wonderful characters and world that has come from Ms.Wildes' steamy ...

I really thought Less Than Honorable was a delightful read.Well-written, romantic, and delicately told, this is a gratifying read I fell in love with. It has an ending that soars.

LESS THAN HONOURABLE is a delightful read for any one who loves a sweet, historical romance. I really enjoyed LESS THAN HONOURABLE and will certainly be on the look out for more stories by this ...

Emma Wildes has proven time and again that she can write top-notch historical romance, and LESS THAN HONOURABLE is the perfect example of that.

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