Delilah Night

After 30 years of snowy New England winters, Delilah Night moved to steamy southeast Asia. While she doesn’t miss shovelling snow, she does miss shopping for bargains at Target.

In 2014, Delilah visited Cambodia for the first time and fell in love with Siem Reap. Many of her misadventures from that vacation (including the one with the monkey) made their way into this story.  

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Reviews (4)

Fun and sexy summer vacation read in a far-flung location (for most of us). Stymied by flight delays, Meg wants to experience in her one remaining day in Cambodia doing all the things she's drea...

The chemistry between the two main characters is well drawn. The push and pull, attraction and worry, memories and desires are all handled capably indeed. Ms. Night is to be congratulated.


A list of the things I loved in Delilah Night’s Capturing the Moment: the vivid scenery, learning a bit about Siem Reap, the yummy photo shoot in Preah Khan, Rachel as matchmaker, and the chem...

Overall, this was a great story. The story line flowed well, provided smooth transitions from the past to the present and back to the past. The details were well written and allowed for easy und...

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