Imogene Nix

Wife, mother and nutty bookstore owner all describe Imogene Nix, but the real secret is Science Fiction, Paranormal Romance with a hefty dose of Romantic Suspense is what she adores. Dedicated to high quality romance, with a dollop of erotic interactions, Imogene has dipped her toes into Science Fiction, Contemporary Rural Romance and Paranormal Romance featuring feisty headstrong female leads.

You can visit Imogene's website here.

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Imogene Nix - ARe Cafe feature

As most would know the character of cupid is actually a member of the roman pantheon, with his Greek counterpart being Eros. In fact, while there is a similarity with the Hindu God Karma, there aren’t many equals within the mythological worlds.

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Imogene Nix - Interview for Hesparia's Tears

Why is it important to you to have feisty headstrong female leads?

I'm not into females who can't make decisions or need a man to organise their life.

I think it's important that the women be able to go along on their own, to allow them to get it wrong, because those are the times they learn and grow — along with other experiences…

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Reviews (5)

Who knew that Cupid could be a character like Jake Kincaid. He wasn’t what I was expecting when I read this book and I love discovering that . It seems almost like a contemporary story a first...


This is a mesmerizing paranormal romance set in a fascinating world of vampires and witches.


This fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge with lots ...

While this book was really interesting, the twists and turns that come up throughout the book will keep you on your toes; ok not really your toes unless you're reading standing up! But you...

The Blood Bride is the start to a new series and it should be an interesting series. With secrets all over the place it is amazing that anyone kept up with the truth. Our hero is Xavier, a 400 y...

A Stranger’s Embrace by Imogene Nix was a quick fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The characters Davis and Jane were sweet and engaging. Their story had just enough action and intrigue to ke...

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Loving Memories - almost here, so here's a #SixSentenceSunday to whet your appetite #ComingMonday from @Beachw...
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An little update on my work in February 2018... It's a jam packed work routine that keeps my nose to the grind...
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Finally cleared after about half an hour later
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My #SixSentenceSunday post featuring #LovingMemories Where second chances are killer! Coming 19 February from...
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#DronePlay with #MrNix
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