Chris Lange

Welcome to Chris Lange's fantasy world where she lives most of the time. She loves alpha males, badass bikers, sensitive men, hot vampires, angels, demons, cowboys, cops, ghosts, knights and kings.
She's a dreamer and a storyteller. She writes about love, love, love, and sometimes she leaves her characters' bedroom door open.

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Reviews (17)

I loved the bewitching writing, it gives a fully fantastic feel to the story. Like we're gathered around a fire listening to a tale. But not a children's tale! The language is sometimes crude, ther...

I love when you can truly escape into the pages of a book! To this day I've been able to do so with each of Chris Lange's work, no matter how long or how short. So fun, vivid, exciting, mysterio...

Here is another fantastic story by Chris Lange. This is the longest story from her yet. I have to say this is such a great story. It is set in the same world that Blind to Men is set in, but it ...

Chris Lange has done it again with "A Touch Too Much", Chris is a master Vampire writer. Her Vampires are so interesting in the way they conduct themselves. I loved the characters in this story,...

Loved it! Beautifully written and so hot.

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