Kat Black

Kat Black resides in England, where her hot and steamy imagination has its work cut out trying to combat the effects of the dull, miserable weather. Author of erotica that is sometimes sweet, sometimes sharp, but always intense, Kat has a range of short stories published in print and e-format both in the UK and US.

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Reviews (9)

A wonderful quick read! A very well written story with all my sex and menage! The 3 had great chemistry between them that just exploded from the pages. Highly recommended!

Love, Interrupted draws you in and makes you consider things and realize again that there are shades of grey within life...

I really, really enjoyed Love, Interrupted for several reasons. First the writing was lovely; elegant, rich and sensitive. The characters were wholly believable and certainly had me investing in...

The angst in this book was lovely, the emotion well written and powerful. I was drawn in to their story through his letters and the dialogue. There wasn't that much sex in this but what th...

This was a beautiful story of love, betrayal and forgiveness!! Get your tissues people! Ms Black does a beautiful job making you feel Frankie and Marks pain and Marks ache to make it right! A...

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