Scarlett Parrish

Scarlett Parrish was born at a young age on Planet Earth where she still spends most of her time. Possessed of an unholy lust for James Purefoy, she sometimes ventures out to stock up on chocolate, hurrying home again before the sun burns her to a cinder. Once James realises she's the only woman who can make him happy, she plans to rise up, take over the world and have a nice cup of tea.

Clearly, she forgot to take her medication before writing this author bio, but she does have splendid taste in music, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and no idea why she's talking about herself in the third person.

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Scarlett Parrish - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite books:

Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell. I've always loved "doorstopper" novels and first read this when I was around 15. This isn't a romance. It's not even a love story. It's a war story featuring the struggles of the woman from whom I stole my pen name.

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Scarlett Parrish - ARe Cafe feature

Bring Me to Life came about from a chance remark made by a fellow Totally Bound author, S. A. Meade. We were talking about my previous novel, A Little Death, and its villain, Cian Ambrose. She said, “Cian just seems like he needs the love of a good man,” and straight away I said, “But he’s not bi, he’s…well, I mean…oh.”

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Whew…this started off with a bang and the characters really jump out at you.


This is way beyond sexy and the sex portions will have you reaching for...


The plot was fascinating with its quick twist. This is my first book by author Scarlett Parrish and would not hesitate to read any more of her writings. Anyone who like vampires...

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Can't even send abuse to the correct person and wonders why everyone thinks he's stupid.
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Never met them before, just pointing out what a cunt you are.
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