Cari Z

Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She is back in America, finally, and loves it, despite having to relearn how to use a clutch. Writing consumes the free time that isn't spent on a mat or playing with her husband, or both (wonderful when interests coincide like that), and she hopes you enjoy what she writes as much as she enjoys writing it.

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It's fun hearing my kiddo say things like "I remember when I was little and" as though she's not five years old.
 Tweeted 30/01/2023 03:15
RT @Amazing_Amy_W: The latest Zombicide novel takes readers to a remote planet with a mysterious alien signal, and sees the small crew that…
 Tweeted 28/01/2023 18:00
I always knew Zhou Zishu was the best ;) I just got result 'Zhou Zishu' on quiz 'Which Tian Ya Ke character are yo…
 Tweeted 27/01/2023 23:00
RT @Kelly_McKernan: “AI image generation isn’t about making art, it’s about AVOIDING making art.”
 Tweeted 27/01/2023 22:24

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