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Annemarie Hartnett lives in Eastern Canada and is a full-time office monkey/part-time smut peddler. She writes erotic romance as Annemarie and erotica as A.M. Hartnett. Her first erotic short was published in 2006 and yes, this totally made up for spending a fortune on the degree in English literature she'll never use. For more information on Annemarie or to contact her, visit

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Head over Heels is not only the title of this novel, it's the sentiment with which I finished the book: Happy, smiling, hopeful, in conclusion, head over heels for Ms. Hartnett's story...

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RT @CummingsDG: There's an ocean of rancor and contempt trying to drown creative people. We struggle to tread water as the faceless try to…
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Don't know why this struck me as so funny, but I just saw this on Buzzfeed and burst out laughing.
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I have to listen to the rest when I get off from work - lost it at "spooning" and had to close my office door.
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