Allie Standifer

I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world as a child. I experienced life through many different cultures and countries. No matter where I went stories would pop up in my mind. It took a while for me to figure out exactly what those tales were trying to tell me, but eventually I understood. Five years later I'm happily typing away to the tune of the voices in my head.

I'm addicted to anything to do with mythology, regardless of culture. I can be bribed with good coffee or Diet Coke. I will bore strangers to tears with pictures and stories of my fabulous nephews and nieces. Nothing like kids to keep you humble and honest, especially when they consider the plumber to have a cooler and more glamorous career than their aunt, the writer.

Have a question, an addiction you want to share? Please shoot me an e-mail. I love to hear from readers.

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This is funny, fantastic, witty, humorous, sexy and sexual satisfying...If you have any doubt about my impression of this book let me say IT'S. FABULOUS.

...a fun sweet Holiday book...I found myself smiling and feeling very Christmassy after reading these fun stories.

a quick read with a fine balance of humour and heat...I had fun visualizing some of the events, and I know readers will agree... scenes are quite emotional, highly erotic and very stimulating...The paradise atmosphere was the perfect environment for this emotionally seductive journey...

If you enjoy getting involved in a series that has well built characters and engaging storylines you won't want to miss Allie Standifer's women of Club Botticelli...This is an easy rec...

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