Charlotte Stein

Charlotte Stein has been published in numerous erotic and erotic romance anthologies, and has written her own longer length works for both Black Lace books and Total-E-Bound. She has been writing for more than half her life, but only recently worked up the courage to submit something to actual publishers. Thankfully, the story ended well.

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As another lover of words and all they can create, it was so wonderful to read the rhythms here. The inner voice of Cal inspired truly evocative images of what was happening and what she was fee...

Loving the way you weave heat and liquid and sex into your words. And the way words themselves are characters in this story—characters that Ted's to shy of until the very end. It was a wonderf...

It doesn't get any more erotic than this and if that's what you're looking for…heated, erotic, and explicit… this one's gonna give you pleasure, Threefold.

This novella is definitely worth a read. It's bonkers, in a totally ace Alice in Wonderland kind of way. But once you get used to the craziness, it's a really funny, heart-warming and ...

Wonderful story - I couldn't put it down once I started! Intriguing plot and great characters.

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