Emma Penny

Emma Penny is a millennial living in the US. She often moves and loves experiencing new adventures and letting her mind wander to new possibilities. She currently lives north of Denver, CO and has fallen in love with writing steamier romance. Emma started writing when she was a teenager and has never looked back from the creative side of her life. She particularly loves to explore worlds beyond the believable, worlds that stretch her imagination but still root her in the very real personalities of her characters and their relationships.

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My daughter turns 3 at the end of August. Repeated requests of what she wants result in "Orange." W. T. F.
 Tweeted 31/07/2021 22:30
Since I went to church today (for a funeral) I keep thinking it's Sunday. That's bad. Because tomorrow I might thin…
 Tweeted 31/07/2021 22:29
I just got final round edits back for my book Need for Three coming out in December. Can’t wait. My first book! My…
 Tweeted 31/07/2021 21:44
It’s Friday so I’m writing and editing all day!
 Tweeted 02/07/2021 14:04

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