Helena Stone on love

Posted by Holly Gunner on 18th August 2015

Helena Stone talks to us about how love is love.

Less than a year has passed since I discovered that the first ever romance I had written would be published by Totally Bound. I’d written Little Rainbows in response to a challenge set by online friends and to say that everything which happened after I finished the story took me by surprise would be a gross understatement. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I had it in me to write a full length novel. The thought that it might be good enough to be published never crossed my mind. But, strange things do indeed happen and last March Little Rainbows went on general release and I had to get used to the idea I was suddenly a published author.

I’ve since written another novel which has also been accepted by Totally Entwined Group, will be released in December through their Pride Publishing imprint. While I’m delighted about that, it did give me something to think about. Little Rainbows is a heterosexual romance featuring a forty-two year old man and a thirty-eight year old woman. Scenes From Adelaide Road, the book coming in December is an M/M romance featuring two young men aged nineteen and twenty-three.

There are moments when I think about my books and worry. They are very different, and not just as far as the gender of the main characters is concerned. Little Rainbows is an adult BDSM story while Adelaide Road is best described as New Adult and pure vanilla. I played with the idea of bringing the second book out under a different name but decided against it for a host of reasons I won’t go into here. While I understand it can be confusing for readers when authors cross from one sub genre to another, I figured it wouldn’t be too much of an issue in my case since I’m far being an established name when it comes to my writing. And I firmly believe that most if not all readers are intelligent enough to look at covers and read blurbs before deciding whether or not to read a book. As long as I use those tools to make it perfectly clear where on the spectrum my story falls, switching from hetero to gay characters should not be an issue.


Blurb for Little Rainbows:

When an experienced Dom loses his drive, can an old flame reignite his fire?

When Jason Hudson and Heather Staunton first met, they were young and sure they were wrong for each other. As a result they spent a summer admiring each other from a safe distance.

Twenty years later, Heather is coming out of mourning, having lost her husband and Dom eighteen months earlier. Jason, now the owner of an exclusive sex resort on the west coast of Ireland, is struggling with the loss of his desire to dominate.

Jason’s resort is about to celebrate its first anniversary and party planner Heather has been hired to create the perfect celebration. Their reunion comes as a big surprise to both of them and is the start of an unexpected sequence of events.

Old and familiar attractions battle with new and conflicting emotions as Jason and Heather work together to organize the ultimate BDSM event.

Overcoming the issues between them isn’t the only obstacle Jason and Heather face. In the background lurks a threat both to Heather’s independence and Jason’s livelihood.


About Helena Stone:

Helena Stone can’t remember a life before words and reading. After growing up in a household where no holiday or festivity was complete without at least one new book, it’s hardly surprising she now owns more books than shelf space while her Kindle is about to explode.

The urge to write came as a surprise. The realisation that people might enjoy her words was a shock to say the least. Now that the writing bug has well and truly taken hold, Helena can no longer imagine not sharing the characters in her head and heart with the rest of the world.

Having left the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam for the peace and quiet of the Irish Country side she divides her time between reading, writing, long and often wet walks with the dog, her part-time job in a library, a grown-up daughter and her ever loving and patient husband.

Helena Stone can be found on TwitterFacebookGoodreads and Pinterest, and you can also take a look at her website.

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